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Developments at TentVerkoop Regtvoort

We are pleased to inform you of the recent developments at TentVerkoop Regtvoort B.V.

During the past 7 years, the founder Arno Regtvoort worked passionately and enthusiastically to make TentVerkoop Regtvoort B.V. grow into a stable, reliable company and market leader in the Netherlands. Its international expansion is now also increasingly taking shape.

Arno decided to take a step back as from November 2017, and to transfer the ownership of TentVerkoop to the new major shareholder Fred Slob. This created a connection with the prestigious tent rental company Kontent Structures B.V. from Bodegraven, which he also owns.

The neutral but fruitful cooperation as sister companies, which has become possible as a result, will increase TentVerkoop’s vigour, responsiveness and innovative abilities.

To further shape the company’s growth and professionalisation, it was decided to make some adjustments to the organisational structure.

As of July 2017, Auke Laarmans was appointed as General Manager. He will further expand business by continuing to innovate, by cooperating more intensively with our customers and suppliers to guarantee quality and speed, and by doing everything possible to meet the market demand.

Arno will remain active in the background as adviser.

TentVerkoop’s quality, flexibility and services will continue to be top priority. We expect to optimise our processes, products and services even more in the future.

Please contact us if you should have any questions about the above-mentioned changes.

New Event Series 270

As of April 2018, our new Events Series 270 will be ready for production!

We have developed our own mould for the profile, which creates the profile by extrusion of the aluminium. With its dimensions of 270 x 122 mm the profile can reach a free span of up to 30 metres.

Demand For Temporary Storage Is Increasing

Due to the increasing need for temporary storage space, we have expanded our sales range with a new type of side wall. Where we normally supplied our storage tents with sandwich side panels, PVC has also been added to the assortment. The advantage of PVC side walls is that the purchase price for the customer lower is and this type of walls is faster to mount.

If you need to use the side walls for a short time, PVC side walls are therefore a good alternative.


Extending Shop Space At Sluiz Ibiza

On behalf of Sluiz IBiza, the most colourful shop at Ibiza, we have extended the shop space with a new Clearspan Tent. The Clearspan Tent is equipped with High translucent tarpaulin, which allows the natural light to illuminate the shopping area very well.

The assembly is also fully cared for by our team.

Isolated Accommodation For ABC Mobile Home (BE)

On behalf of ABC Mobile Home we have produced and mounted a completely isolated accommodation. This semipermanent showroom with the measurements of 15mx25mx4.5m has panels of glass at the front and an electric overheaddoor. The side walls are isolated PVC panels and the roof is made of layered PVC tarpaulin which is kept at the right pressure by means of a low-noise compressor. Three weeks after working out the impression and production drawings we have been able to place the tent.

EventTentForSale Goes Bermuda

Our clearspan tents went to Bermuda! We delivered 2 Clearspan Tents (20mx40mx4.5m & 20mx30mx4.5m) After producing these tents, they were shipped to Bermuda. Our Clearspan Tents will protect the catamaran of the French team. They are participating in the Americas Cup.


IRIS PARC camping Birkelt Larochette, Luxemburg

New accommodation for kids to play is placed at the campsite Birkel (Larochette, LU). IRIS PARC has chosen EventTentForSale as a supplier for providing the accommodation for a large playground for the children of this campsite. The side walls of this large tent are partly provided with heavy PVC panels and large windows in the front.

The front of the tent can be easily opened, very convenient during the warm summer months. The tent can be heated easily heated in the winter and the children can play inside, warm and dry.

Are you looking for a accommodation for your campsite or catering facilities? Take a look at our possibilities!


Binnenzijde Aluhal op camping

Temporary Production Area EMERGO

EMERGO Woodconstructions designs, calculates, produces and mounts the perfect prefab solutions. Due to a lack of production space at the location in Stadskanaal, EventTentForSale was asked to place a large temporary production area. The area, almost 800 m², was placed within 2 workdays and equipped with multiple barrel and electric industrial doors.

Do you also have space shortage to maintain your production level or lack of storage space? For more technical information and pictures take a look at oure storage tents.

Binnenzijde industrietent

Windload statics for Australian available

We hebben het voor elkaar!
Vanaf heden zijn onze Aluhallen ook getoetst in Australië volgens de AS 1170.0, AS 1170.1 AS 1170.2 & AS 1664.1
Binnenkort zullen onze producten dus ook in Australië te vinden zijn! De eerste 40FT HQ container heeft deze week ons terrein verlaten, de eerste evenementen zullen dus snel plaatsvinden in onze Aluhallen.

Wilt u meer weten over onze export ervaringen? Lees onze export ervaringen
Container geladen met tenten

Glaswanden in alle maten en kleuren

Heeft u bepaalde wensen voor glaspartijen en/of deuren in uw bestaande tentsystemen? Wij kunnen u van dienst zijn met onze glaswanden in bijna elke gewenste afmeting en kleur. Afhankelijk van de afmeting van de glaswand zal de juiste glasdikte bepaald worden. Naar wens van de klant kunnen de kozijnen in bijna elke gewenste kleur gepoedercoat worden. Indien u een geanodiseerde uitvoering wenst is dit uiteraard ook geen probleem. Met onze glaswanden kunt u eenvoudig, en snel een afgesloten ruimte creëren. Ons systeem is zeer snel te monteren en is volledig demontabel.

Glaswanden in frame